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Our history

collection of iron materials

BALLARINI S.a.s., run by Giorgio and Giuseppe Ballarini & Co., based in Novara C.so Vercelli no. 128 and with offices in C.so Vercelli 132/a and Via Triggiani 13, was created through the transformation of the historic individual business BALLARINI MARIO, which already benefited from the collaboration of sons Giorgio and Giuseppe, who are now legal representatives, and Ms Rina who is now a limited partner. As such, the company can boast half a century of experience in the salvage of iron-metal materials and non-metallic materials, which is its main activity, followed by the processing and subsequent sale of other salvaged materials, such as paper, plastic, wood, glass, etc. The purpose of the business includesthe wholesale trade of scrap metal; sorting, disposal and storage of special waste; demolition, clearance and salvage of industrial plants and machinery; the sale of disused machinery and tools, both nationally and internationally.

Present Day

industrial scrapping

As of today, the company is composed of three partners who are all part of the Ballarini Family, and employs 16 employees. 

The company is in possession of regular authorisations for the storage/salvage and collection/transportation of special non-hazardous waste specifically released by the Province of Novara, and the National Register of Environmental Managers in Piedmont c/o the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, cat. 4, class C, cat. 1, class F, and cat. 8, class F for the brokerage and trade of un-held commodities, certified by CERTIQUALITY pursuant to EU Regulation no. 333/2011.


Particular attention has always been paid to the quality of the product obtained to ensure customers are provided with materials conforming to industry standards. This is done through constant investment in new technologies, attention to environmental protection and compliance with the regulations in force.


dismantling industrial plants

For years, our company has worked as a supplier of goods and services to leading companies throughout the country, working within the salvage sector with various types of materials for leading metal and steel, paper, glass-making and wooden panel companies. It also serves as a collection centre for CONAI (national packaging consortium) system for the salvage of steel and wood packaging waste, through agreements with the RICREA Consortium and RILEGNO (the National Consortium for the Collection and Salvage of Wooden Packaging), and is affiliated with ASSOFERMET, the association headed by Confcommercio for the scrapping industry. It also deals with the sale of machinery and equipment, including those from judicial auctions, as well as scrapping, dismantling of industrial plants and reselling the elements still fit for reuse, company transfers, and the brokering and trade of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, including commodities not held.


  • PROVINCE OF NOVARA no. 3951/2008
  • PROVINCE OF NOVARA Amendment no. 5241/2008
  • PROVINCE OF NOVARA Amendment no. 957/2009
  • PROVINCE OF NOVARA Financial Guarantees no. 2435/2009
  • PROVINCE OF NOVARA Change of trading name no. 1846/2011
  • SURETY AMENDMENT PROVINCE OF NOVARA - Notification dated 02.12.2008
  • NATIONAL REGISTRY OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROFESSIONALS Sec. Reg. Piedmont TO00127 dated 17.01.2012 cat. 8 cl. f
  • NATIONAL REGISTRY OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROFESSIONALS Sec. Reg. Piedmont TO00127 Cat. 1 cl f Cat. 4 cl. c dated 05.12.2012
  • NATIONAL REGISTRY OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROFESSIONALS Sec. Reg. Piedmont TO00127 Amendment by means of 17/11/2016
  • CERTIFICATE REG. EU 333 CERTIQUALITY No. 17293 dated 25.9.2014


Collection and transportation of non-hazardous waste by trucks, tank trucks, roll-off and other articulated lorries, including those equipped with loader cranes, container rental for various volumetric requirements, trade of metal and non-metal salvaged materials , disposal and storage of non-hazardous waste, up-cycling of salvaged materials through selection and sorting, shearing, shredding, crushing by pliers, oxypropylene flame cutting, scrapping and dismantling of industrial plants and machinery, clearance and salvage of industrial plants and machinery, transfer of companies, trading of disused machinery and tools for domestic and international markets, brokerage and trading of hazardous and non-hazardous materials, including comodities not held.

working area

The company BALLARINI S.a.s., run by Giorgio and Giuseppe Ballarini & C., is active throughout Northern Italy and in particular in the regions of:

  • Piedmont,
  • Liguria,
  • Lombardy,
  • Valle d’Aosta,
  • Veneto,
  • Emilia Romagna,
  • Tuscany

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