Ballasini Sas boasts of half a century's experience in the field of iron and other metal material salvage, which is the company's main activity, followed by the processing and subsequent sale of other salvaged materials such as paper, plastic, wood, glass, etc. Its business purposes include the wholesale trade of scrap metal; sorting, disposal and storage of special waste; scrapping, clearance and salvage of industrial plants and machinery; the sale of disused machinery and tools, both nationally and internationally.

industrial demolitions

Scrapping and dismantling of industrial plants and machinery

Iron waste management

Collection and transportation, disposal and storage of non-hazardous waste

container rental

Rental of containers with various cubage, for any type of cargo

recycling of materials

Clearing, recovery and recycling of industrial plants, machinery and tools.

Our offices

Ballarini Via Triggiani

Novara - Via Triggiani, 13 - tel. 0321 457127

Le nostre sedi

Ballarini Corso Vercelli

Novara - Corso Vercelli, 128 - tel. 0321 453710

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